Cot Quilts

Give your nursery the right finishing touch with stylish and comfortable nursery cot quilts by Linen House. Crafted from soft and durable fabrics, our nursery cot quilts are designed to prevent allergies that cause asthma. With this, you’ll be confident knowing your little one is having a peaceful and safe night’s sleep.

Here at Linen House, we are passionate about stocking the finest quality nursery cot quilts that the industry has to offer. With durable materials, light weight construction and machine washable features, our nursery cot quilts are simply a must have addition to any modern-day home.

Our nursery cot quilts can help keep your little one nice and warm and let them sleep easily in their cot. Also, our nursery cot quilts let the parents get a good night’s sleep too! Let your baby be snug in their rug – thanks to nursery cot quilts that come in clean and pristine white, which is easy to maintain when dirtied. 

The plush feeling and the comfortable and inviting allure of the nursery cot quilts is enough for any baby to fall asleep peacefully! Check out our complete collection of nursery cot quilts and be spoilt for choice.


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